Lisa Ebersole

I help working screenwriters write scripts that succeed in Hollywood by identifying their AUTHENTIC LENS and creating an actionable CAREER BLUEPRINT. 





I know my project would sell if I could get it to the right person.
People love my writing but I’m not getting to the next level.
I’m too old.
I need an Agent or Manager to be a working writer in Hollywood.
I’m a multi-hyphenate but people say I have to “pick a lane.”
I don’t live in LA.

I had all of those thoughts.
None were true.
You can operate independently in Hollywood and write scripts that sell.
I can help.


The Program

Authentic Lens.png

Authentic Lens

Write scripts that are undeniable

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Singular Strategy

Create your career blueprint



Treat yourself as a business

In the two months I worked with Lisa, I wrote and shot a Digital Series, got my Pilot optioned and performed a one woman show. Lisa is priceless. Hire her. Like yesterday.
— PILAR V, Univision Fellow, Fox Writers Lab
After 15 years writing for TV, I wanted to pivot to features. With Lisa’s help, I wrote the best script of my career. She charts stories from human emotion rather than formula. Game-changer.
— Lisa P, Law&Order
The pilot I wrote won a contest and quickly landed a manager at a highly respected company!
— Rachel T, Showrunner’s Assistant, "SMILF"
Lisa helped me recognize logic issues, heighten dialogue and prose, and fix structure. I wrote the strongest script of my career. Highly recommend!
— Mitch B, UCLA MFA Director

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