Lisa Ebersole

I work with professional screenwriters who want to write scripts that sell.
The key is your





I know my project would sell if I could get it to the right person.
People love my writing but I’m not getting to the next level.
I’m too old.
I need an Agent or Manager to be a working writer in Hollywood.
I’m a multi-hyphenate but people say I have to “pick a lane.”
I don’t live in LA.

I had all of those thoughts.
None were true.
You can operate independently in Hollywood and write scripts that sell.
I can help.


The Program

Authentic Lens.png

Authentic Lens

Write scripts that could only be written by you.

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Singular Strategy

Define your vision, brand yourself, take actions in support of both.



Treat your writing career as a startup business.

In the two months I worked with Lisa, I wrote and shot a Digital Series, got my Pilot optioned and performed a one woman show. Lisa is priceless. Hire her. Like yesterday.
— PILAR V, Univision Fellow, Fox Writers Lab
After 15 years writing for TV, I wanted to pivot to features. With Lisa’s help, I wrote the best script of my career. She charts stories from human emotion rather than formula. Game-changer.
— Lisa P, Netflix
The pilot I wrote won a contest and quickly landed a manager at a highly respected company!
— Rachel T, "SMILF"
Lisa shortened the distance between “what the fuck am I doing?” and “fuck yeah!” I’d do the whole wicked thing again, zero hesitations. The pilot I wrote helped me find new managers who are excited about my voice — both on and off the page.
— E. Napoletano, Journalist
Lisa’s “Authentic Lens” coaching helped me discover my artistic voice and how to use it to make my writing more specific, engaging and original. I’m now confidently screaming “I AM THE STORY!!” with every page!
— Adam P, HBO

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