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If you’re ready to write through YOUR AUTHENTIC LENS and treat screenwriting as a
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In the 8 weeks I worked with Lisa, I shot a digital series, got my pilot optioned, and performed a one woman show. Lisa is priceless. Hire her. Like yesterday.
— Pilar V, Univision Fellow, Fox Writer's Lab
The pilot I wrote won a contest and quickly landed a manager at a highly respected company!
— Rachel T, "SMILF"
Lisa helped me recognize logic issues, heighten dialogue and prose, and fix structure. Highly recommend!
— Mitch B, UCLA MFA Director
After 15 years writing for TV, I wanted to pivot to features. With Lisa’s help, I wrote the best script of my career. She charts stories from human emotion rather than formula. Game changer.
— Lisa P, "LAW & ORDER"
Lisa helped me tap into my authentic voice in a matter of days! I’ve worked with her many times and will continue to. Some of the best money I’ve ever spent!
— Selina R. AFI Producer, Writer "BEST PEOPLE"